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Your legacy.
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An entrepreneur-led team of experienced operators and investors, seeking to acquire and grow a single great business for the long term

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Canelo Partners is looking for a business owner ready for the next chapter
Your legacy in good hands
Whether you are transitioning, retiring, or simply want to step back from operational responsibilities, we partner with  founders to propel the next phase of growth
Considering a transition?
Your legacy is our foundation
You are our sole commitment
We are flexible
We are not typical investors
We are well-funded
Our investment criteria

We acquire a majority interest in owner-operator run businesses based in the US with the following attributes:



  • A business-to-business services company

  • Annual revenues between $3 and $30 million

  • Business model supporting recurring revenues

  • Steady cash-flow generation for 3+ years

  • Serving a mission-critical need to their customers

  • Operating in a growing and fragmented industry

healthy customer base (diversified, high retention, and low concentration)


Motivated owner willing to sell for non-business related reasons.

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